Friday, 30 January 2009

Carnival Of The Godless #106, #107, #108 and #109

It seems that whilst I've been away from the Blogosphere I have missed a shit load of Carnival of The Godless (Godlesses? Godless'? Godless's?). The upside to this of course is that I now have enough atheist ramblings to keep me occupied for the immediate future. So for the next few hours or so I shall be Carnivalling away at Carnival Of The Godless #106 over at An Apostate's Chapel. Swiftly followed by Carnival Of The Godless #107 at Skeptico. I may well stop for a short tea break then before heading over to Carnival Of The Godless #108 kindly hosted by CyberLizard.

If my poor, overworked psyche is not atheisted out by this point I will then manfully click over to Carnival Of The Godless #109 at the always magnificent Reduce To Common Sense and catch up on the most recent atheistic commentary.

I imagine by then I will have a new zeal for my own blog, immersion therapy if you will. See you all in a few hours.

Cover me, I'm going in.

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